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Admission Process

4 Easy Steps that would change your live for the better!

1.) Call (619)733-8187 to schedule a tour at our home, or fill out the request on right side of this page and submit to us.

2.) Have the family doctor complete a Physician Report.

3.) Develop the individual needs appraisal and service plan with us.

4.) Sign an Admission Agreement and move-in.

We will guide you step by step so to relieve stress from you once you found us.

First call our Administrator, Jeremy Suon or fill out our form “request for an appointment” on the right side of this page to schedule a time at your convenience to visit our home.  If possible, you can bring the prospective elder with you so that s/he gets to know our residents.  This would help you to talk to your loved into moving to his/her new home after s/he saw our place and met the other residents.  During the first phone conversation, we often ask you to tell us a little bit about the health condition of your loved one.  It would be helpful if you fill out our pre-assessment form while you here reading our web pages.

After you have visited our home and fall in love with our home, we will ask your permission to meet with your loved one. We ask you to fill out and send us back the Release of Client/Resident Medical Info. form. If s/he did not come with you during your tour to our home, we will go to wherever s/he stays: whether in the hospital, skilled nursing facility, or at home.  We will travel at a distance to meet with your loved one.  We will make an assessment and develop a proposal on how we plan to provide the best care for your loved one.  Meantime, you should go to his or her family doctor and ask the doctor to fill out a Physician Report.  Bring our Physician Report form with you. You will also need to fill out our Resident Appraisal-Prospective Resident form and send back to us via attached email, air mail, or fax.

After we met with your loved one, we create a proposal on how to take a good care of him or her.  This will include the offer of what will cost to you and will include any discount. It also will include a report of our assessment and recommendation.  We invite you to call us to clarify the document and to discuss on how to make the placement of your loved one to our home possible.  We are listening to you and will be considered to your (his/her) financial situation.

We are honest and frank and we hope you are too.  Most likely, you will be surprised and relieved that finally you have found the greatness of our home for your mom, your dad, grandparents, aunt and uncle; and that, you become our extended family.

Upon moving-in you will need to prepare several documents and bring with you to the house.

  1. a copy of all health insurance cards.
  2. a copy of photo id.
  3. contact information of his/her family doctor and a list of current medication.
  4. Physician Report.
  5. Advance Health Care Directive (you can ask us for a State pink DNR form)

On the day you move in, you will be asked to sign:

  1. Admission Agreement.
  2. Identification and Emergency Info.
  3. Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment.

A couple of days later, we will ask you to fill out a few more forms.

  1. Behaviors & Habits Assessment & Family Tree.
  2. Telecommunications Device Notification.
  3. Record Of Client Safe guarded Cash Resources.


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