Assisted How to know the facility will take a good care of your parents?

Examine the Service Plan that the Facility’s Administrator Can Offer to Your Loved One!

Through my six years of experience as a medical services coordinator and being trained as a physician assistant from UC Davis, I would say that a service plan, as it is called in the residential care home business is like a treatment plan that a family doctor would plan for his or her patient.

A family doctor would plan for his or her patient who other specialist to see, where to go for imaging studies, and when to go.  Normally after being examined and diagnosed, patient does not get to see the written plan that the doctor made, but often was told what needs to be done and a possible prognosis.

Even though a residential care home is not a medical clinic and the administrator of the facility is not a medical doctor, the administrator has similar role to come up with a plan called Service Plan.  He or she can present to you a draft version of the service plan that s/he made for your loved one.  Request this service plan before you sign on any agreements.  At the Bird of Paradise home, my first task as an administrator is to learn about the health condition of your loved one, and then, I would develop and offer to the family a draft version of the service plan.   After the family agreed to have their loved one lives in our home, a final version of the service plan will be made and kept in the facility so that the caregiver can follow through.

A service in residential care home is designed like in a hospital’s setting, where family doctor can be seen as a hub coordinating services from all involved specialists.  The facility’s administrator should have some medical knowledge to understand the condition of a resident so that the coordinating task is proper and beneficial.  At the Bird of Paradise home, I am the Administrator and my background is a Physician Assistant.  I have many years of experience coordinating medical and mental health services for adult and geriatric patients.  My presence at the Bird of Paradise home is a big advantage for the residents there.

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