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Thank You Bird of Paradise!

My name is Ginamarie Richard and I would like to take this opportunity to share some information about a place full of care, love and miracles. I am the daughter of Nancy Greggins, age 70, who has been living at the Bird of Paradise, Home Care for the Elderly for the past 17 months. In December of 2007, my mother had a terrible fall which created hematomas in her head the size of golf balls. these two hematomas rendered her incapable of walking and damaged her short term memory. She was hospitalized in the ICU for 3 weeks and then resumed physical therapy for another 3 weeks. At this time we were told that she needed to be placed in an Assisted Living Facility, my mom, 68 years old, in an Assisted Living Facility. We scrambled. Calling, filling out paperwork, talking to social workers, telephoning, and interviewing. Finally I made a phone call to the Bird of Paradise and spoke to Sarak Suon. With a lengthy conversation, lots of questions and a great feeling, my brother and I went to meet Sarak. Within one hour, we had cancelled all of our other visitation and Sarak was on his way up to Colton to meet my mother. That was the first of many “over and beyond” deeds of this man and his wife.

Sarak and Kanika run the Bird of Paradise Home for the Elderly in Temecula California. If you go on their website, you will find pictures of happy residents, wonderfull food, and an explanation of their programs and day to day care. But what you don’t wee is the love and miracles they display and create on a daily basis. This is family, not a facility; a home, not a house; a place of pride, hard work, and nurturing, not a place to exist. The residents are always going in and out. I can not remember many times where I was the only one visiting.

The Suons don’t run this as a business; they manage this as a family. the food is planned and prepared with not only the nutrition and balance meeded, but with care, thought and presentation. It is always a delight for the senses to walk in the house at lunch or dinner. The families of the residents are also cared for. Holidays, birthdays, and special events are always opened to the families. The communication is consistent and conscientious. Between the forms that are filled out, the notes and logs that are kept and the änytime”phone calls, you know the residents are cared for more than as a business.

Why am I writing this, you ask? My mom, now 70 years old is leaving the Bird of Paradise, but for all the right reasons; she has short term membory back, she can walk without a wheelchair or walker; she can do her own daily routines, and she has the “Nancy Sparkel”back in her eyes. My family is so convinced that the miracles that occur on Pride Mountain Street, in that little House, by that Suon Family is the reason for my mom’s being able to move to a new residence. The news always tells you how bad things are, how much money we are losing and about all the people in the streets, losing their jobs, and the crimes, I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you, that Miracles do still exist and people do care about others and, that in due to the Bird of Paradise, The Suon Family, and all their hard work and love, yes love, my mother is back to being my “mom”.

Thank you Sarak, Kanika, Emily, and Kenneth for givign us back our “Mom”

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